Celibacy, are you crazy?

Hi ASF lovers, so this is not just me trying to come up with a catchy title tag-line, it’s the exact words a certain human said to me that ended an almost relationship. Oh…the memories….zzZzzZzzzzZZZzzzzzzzzZzzZzzzZZzzzzzzzzz…..Oh Snap! Back to reality. I mean I would love to tell the whole story, but this is not what this […]

Unbox me pls…I dont do labels

We live in a world where we constantly place labels on everything, cloth, friends, schools, human……. A world where we need to unnecessarily group people into categories (maybe to make ourselves feel better); Rich-Poor, Tall-Short, Black-white, Introvert-Extrovert, Smart-Stupid….Yada yada yada. You may say labels are important…..heck your name is a label. But NO!, names aren’t […]

My Rice Water Rinse Review

I am sure by now a lot of us have heard about the new rave for hair growth…… the rice water rinse. I came across it when I had my “Big Chop” last year January while I was trying to make my hair grow faster. I was just going through a phase in my life, […]

Nerdy ASF!…Rediscover YOU

I recall always being a budding writer growing up, I loved literature….was my favourite subject in secondary school before I majored in science. One of my bests moments entering school was discovering that they had a well-equipped library and I could sign-out books to take home and read. I still remember the first book I […]