It’s okay to go out single

Way way back, i used to be that girl that dreaded going to the cinema alone even before I tried it, I always felt it’s a lovers haven especially if you are going out to see a romantic movie. So I always made sure I had company(not necessarily a significant other) whenever I wanted to go to the cinema.

Then one time I moved to a different city, I was single at the time and had very few friends around and I decided to go see a movie alone for the first time and it wasn’t as bad as I thought….I tried it again and this time I went to see a romantic movie..and I still felt good. Wait, i’m lying….it was hella great. Once the light goes off you forget about everyone around you and sink into the movie, no distraction, no judgement and all.

That’s when I realised I had been missing out on life, that feeling o not living life to the fullest; i legit took out a pen and a paper to re-evaluate my life. I wrote down things i’ve always wanted to do and new things i would love to experience……and so I started taking myself out more often, I even travelled alone(i should write it). What I had once dreaded became my new normal.

So I have come to the conclusion that it’s all in our heads….once you can get out of the cage on living based off people’s feelings (usually in your head) and love your own company you will be fine ….you know the voices that tell you you would look like a lonely single lady and everyone would be sorry for you…yup…ignore it.


5 thoughts on “It’s okay to go out single”

  1. I am sure you’re encouraging people out there to be proud of living a boring life. I say No, go out, enjoy, mingle and have fun. You only have one life to live

    1. No Dave, i’m encouraging people to not stay at home and wallow in their single status.
      Im saying..HEY, you can still go out, mingle and have fun despite been single.
      Everyone is going to be single at certain point in their life, so why not bask in it before you become a PLURAL…*wink*

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