Ride and Live

So I was having a hard time sleeping last night guys……thinking about my relationship, what blog post to put up, how I was going to combine my career and blogging….? I was still wide awake thinking when I realised a pattern in my lovelife. It hit me, “I was a ride or die chick” I was raised to believe in my man and grew up listening to rap, I loved rap…… So I took a lot of the mantras from rap lyrics that depicted females as the strong generous lover that’s supposed to ride with you and die for you no matter what, and that’s what I did. I strongly believed in this idea that even when I dated good guys, I made them bad, I gave them privileges and made them feel it was a right. Now I look back and can honestly say I was part of the problem, cuz a guy is only going to do what you allow.

I can’t be your ride or die if riding with you is going to kill me.

Still figuring this out guys, so I’ll love to hear from you, do you think females should be ride or die partners? What are you your thoughts?….Leave a reply below.

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