The anxiety of turning 30! Is it just me?

I remember watching the movie 13 going on 30 when I was little and thinking how far off 30 was and how fast I would like it to come so I can be independent. Do whatever I want, go wherever or date whomever.

How the tables have turned; now I get goosebumps just thinking about my 30th birthday. I mean I’ve always had birthday blues since I can remember (I would do a post on that too soon), but this is different. Why am I tripping over a number?…Like age is just a number.

Yes! I am terrified of clocking 30; I stopped counting when I turned 25….after that it has always been an anniversary of my 25th birthday.

I think the major reason i’m tripping is because I feel i’m not where the society feels I should be (or maybe its all in my head) or maybe its just what is being unconsciously projected my way by relatives, friends and nosy neighbours, society thinks I should be a mans accessory by now,and it doesn’t matter how much I have achieved career-wise, I would still be a failure by societies books as long as there is no ring on my finger.

But I choose to rise above this guys.

I am glad I did not conform to the standards of the society by forcing my way through dead-end relationships and marrying someone I don’t truly love. I am strong guys (this is not a pity party); writing about it is my form of therapy. I know ill be fine, it would all turn out fine at the end. Age is just a number.

Looking at the brighter side, I created a blog before turning 30, I have the opportunity to do what I love (writing). So if there’s anyone feeling the way I am right now…rise above it….you would be fine.


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