Tinder! Why I swiped out

I’ve always felt we are on a new rave of online evolution and a paradigm shift where utilising the Web space to either find love, friendship or grow a business is no longer strange.

So I joined Tinder for a couple of reasons that I’m not quite sure of now….curiosity ?..Yes. Anyway I joined guy, and started swiping.

I had set out three ground rules to the guys I would pick, although I had to eventually tweek a few… which are:

  • Try to not to swipe based off looks, read his bio…give him a chance
  • No to swiping on guys who are showing off a fancy car or luxury item that they probably don’t own
  • Finally, always wait for the guy to say hi.

So I set my profile, put up a decent picture and updated my bio….within hours I had got matches, but only a few said hi…the rest lot of them were comfortable waiting for me to say hi. So i had to break my third rule and started out conversing with them first. But when I did, I found myself sustaining the conversation. At least it showed they did want to talk but may probably be shy or introverted to start one. It was a bit of a struggle for me because I love men taking charge and I was drained trying to get them to open up.

Draining because I love getting Into people’s minds and striking deep conversations, and having to open up convos while trying to break the ice was not fun being an introvert myself…there was this guy I tried sparking a conversation with and he kept saying…ok baby…no boo…yes baby to every question I asked and i had to tell him I wasn’t a baby and his response was ok baby…and I was done.

I talked to a couple of daring ones too….most of which were casanovas or men seeking out hookups. A few would start off not saying what they really wanted but most of them were honest about it.

It wasnt all bad experiences tho, I had a couple of witty chats and enjoyed a few jokes..but overall…tinder wasn’t for me so I left.

I think I’m a bit old fashioned and like the traditional boy meets girl and chases girl…basically boy puts in some hard work to get girl…and the online thing sort of eliminates the work for guys. As they don’t expect to put in the effort anymore.

Maybe I’ll try it again…I like to never say never but I don’t think I would anytime soon.

What’s your experience on tinder like guys…don’t be shy to comment..talk to me..*wink* Leave your comments below…..love ASF.

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