Nerdy ASF!…Rediscover YOU

I recall always being a budding writer growing up, I loved literature….was my favourite subject in secondary school before I majored in science.

One of my bests moments entering school was discovering that they had a well-equipped library and I could sign-out books to take home and read. I still remember the first book I took home, ‘The famous Five’. I had seen the film prior to the book but reading it made me realize that you can’t compare a book to a movie. Reading is way more captivating. There is something magical about it. I loved it.

I also had to take literature class in Junior Secondary school….Wowzaa!. I would always light up before every class, eager for days we would have to read a new book, learn about literature terms or write stories and submit to the teacher. But after Junior Secondary school I opted to take the technical route.


Growing up my parents always referred to me as their Doctor, they had a professional title given to my siblings and I which they would call often….I guess to guilt trip us into becoming these professionals.

So I tried to become the Doctor for my parents, I tried really hard but I quickly noticed I couldn’t stand the sight of blood, I hated hospitals and medicine in general. I had to tell my parents I couldn’t do it, and before they uttered any comment I quickly added…that ill be an Engineer.

They were equally as glad, so it worked. I was now their Engineer. My goal was to please my parents. I mean I had taught about it, yes I hated Maths but I had good grades in it…and I loved physics so why not. I can still read my novels and learn literature while at it. It was a good deal.

Which is what I did, I didn’t stop reading/writing, I joined forums on it, I submitted write-ups to other blogs occasionally before starting this.

I’m still on the Journey to re-discovering my path and ill have fun while i’m at it, there is no end to learning. And you should too. The hard part is identifying your passion, but once you do the rest is easy. Work at it. Don;t stop believing. You’ll be fine.


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  1. This is quite enlightening for those struggling to make a career decision premised on either pleasing their parents or following their passion!
    Great thoughts!

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