What’s in my bag? 5 things I dont step out without

Hi ASF lovers, its been a while I posted here and I feel terrible about it…..I promised myself I’ll be consistent with posting this month and I haven’t been keeping to that.

The thing is I have been trying to combine work, studies and being a part-time blogger and it’s not been easy juggling all these. But I’ll figure it out guys. Not giving up on blogging.

So I am back and here to give you my list of the must have items I always carry with me in my purse.

1. Lipstick

You can never go wrong with a red lipstick on days when you don’t feel like wearing makeup. There’s just something it does to my face, it gives it a bit of a sparkle, and makes me feel like I’m ready to conquer the day.

I keep a nude lipstick also..it’s my go to for that natural ‘ I woke up like this‘ look…..lol

So essentially, I always make sure my lipstick is popping, not lip gloss.. I’ve always felt gloss should be used as a lipstick coat when necessary.

2. Needle and thread kit

This is the something I learnt to always keep in my purse from my mum. It has helped me and my friends countless times in our embarrassing moment. I remember a time I wore a really tight skirt and I wanted to take a motorbike home from a party and it ripped….and I didnt have on any undergarment.

I raced faster than Usain Bolt to the rest room to salvage the situation. Never stopped taking it with me ever since, it’s a lifesaver.

3. Phone & wallet

We all take our mobile phones and wallet with us..RIght? Just in case you are on a horrible date with the ‘let’s split the bills‘ guy…lol.

Enough said….it’s a no brainer.

4. A book

Even though i don’t always read one when I go out because I like to soak in whatever activity/environment I am in, I still ensure I take one along with me whenever I go out.

But most of the time i make out time to read one, especially on slow/boring days when I try to keep busy.

One I am currently reading right now is The Mind Connection by Joyce Meyer. My next read would definitely be Americana by Chimamanda Adichie…yes I haven’t read Americana yet (hides face)., but I’ve read a great number of her other books.

And finally,

5. Chewing gum

Ever since I found out you can prevent/minimize a double jaw by chewing gum as it’s a form of jaw exercise, it has been my friend.

And surprisingly I have seen changes in my jaw line since I started chewing gum more often. But I try not to over do it so I don’t hurt my jaw.

Asides that it helps keep my energy level up on busy days or when I’m n the gym.

So that’s it guys..is there anyone who has in their bag same item as me. Leave your comment below, would love to hear from you.


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