My money is my money, Your money is OUR money

This is a very dicey topic that I try not to give my opinion on for two reasons. For one, I feel it is relative and it shouldn’t be shoved up peoples throat ; but i’ll give it anyway…lol.

Secondly because people always find it difficult to understand that you can be an advocate for women’s right and the whole feminist movement and still want to be treated like a woman.

Yes I want want you to open the door for me…

I need you to walk on the side-walk close to the cars when we are taking a romantic walk down the street……

I expect you to love and take care of me……

Yes I want to spend your money…..*wink

When we go out on a date……no i’m not going to pretend to pull out my wallet to pay, if I do then you are most likely in the friend-zone.

I recall a guy I dated a few years back, he taught me about a few things I didn’t want in a man, one of which is being stingy. This guy would tell me how he liked me because I was an independent woman, and I would just smile…. I didn’t know what he was implying till he started showing me the signs.

We would go out on a date and he would expect me to pay for the cab, he would expect me to pay for meals on most days when we go out (when he was paying, he wouldnt eat much, but when I was paying you would think it was his birthday, his table would be full). And its not that he was broke or anything, he had money, he was just stingy.

The deal breaker, was when he got me a very cheap present on my birthday(a cheap wrist band); to make it worse, he got me a gift the both of us could use, and he kept borrowing his gift to use………… This was someone I had gone all out for him on his birthday and I told him I expected him to reciprocate. So he not doing so was disrespectful, so I just had to take a walk.

If I love you and accept to be your girl, then you should be ready to be the man, be the head of the home, provide for me. Most importantly I would allow you to do all these; and you should be happy because it means I love you.

And if I decide to work (most likely), that’s my money, ill decide to do whatever I want to do with it. don’t assume its yours. I can invest it for us, I can decide to go shopping, You should be a hardworking man and so what I earn shouldn’t be relevant to you.

Yes I would definitely assist you in your down moment…of course. But after that ill be back to motivating you to be the man…..*smiles*

Motivating you to be better, to earn more than enough not to monitor my income…lol. To be the man….My man…That’s love.


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