Travelling on a budget….your ASF vacay guide (part 1)

Hi ASF lovers, missed you guys. It’s our 3months anniversary this June. It may not seem like a lot guys but to me it’s a major milestone as it took a lot of procrastination before finally deciding to start the blog. And I’ve loved it ever since. I love the feeling of having to share my thoughts with you guys and hear your thoughts as well. Its terrific.

I would like to thank everyone of my BVs( you all are the reason I do this guys)…. I read every one of your comments and it melts my heart.

Thanks for the love!

So today’s blog post is a submission from a close friend of mine Maxwell (lets stay on first name It’s a vacay guide from a travel enthusiast. This is the first part, would post the second part subsequently. Leave your comment below if you like it and would love to read the part2.


We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us. Travelling is a great form of therapy and as Africans, we need to get rid of the mindset that travelling is expensive. Travelling doesn’t have to be expensive,  it could be as cheap as going to Ibadan from Lagos for a good weekend, staying in a cheap hotel and eating bad food (just kidding). It’s still travelling!  

I decided few years ago, that going skiing in Georgia or Austria is more valuable to me than using the lastest iphone or a nicer car. It’s all about interests. Find what you love and let it kill you they say!

Travelling could be really daunting; from the endless waits at the airports to snacking on junk food which is unhealthy ( because the more healthy alternatives are overpriced) and missing a good night’s sleep on your beloved bed. 

The biggest part of travel is planning. I pay so much attention to details with regards to my travel plans that it took me 8 months to get my visas,  plan and complete my bookings for a 3 weeks trip. Imagine that! My write up aims to let travel enthusiasts enjoy a cheaper and almost seamless travel.

Travelling has three basic aspects; Transportation , Accomodation, and of course you are gonna eat. There are other subs aspects such as Visas, Entry fees to touristic sites , parks, museums , Zoos, etc. We will  take the basic aspects one afer the other.

Transportation:  It’s usually the most expensive bit, especially when you’re in Africa and you want to see Europe or the Americas. There’s no avoiding flights tickets except you plan to walk through the Sahara Desert to Libya, before crossing the sea to Europe. I bet you ain’t doing that! So, we need to get you the cheapest plane possible. If you’re basically travelling Europe,  I’d suggest booking flights early enough ( as early as 3-6 months, if your travel plan is fail-safe).

The other key to getting a good flight deal is being flexible with your travel dates this is in addition to not travelling at peak touristic periods. The peak periods for european travel is obviously during the summer and during festives such as easter and Christmas. The best time to travel is immediately after easter and  before the start of summer, you are more likely to find cheap ticket prices coupled with good european spring weather.

Another good time to travel is at the  middle of autumn to the end of autumn ( October and November). The prices are still decents at these times before the surge at christmas. If you’re visiting multiple countries in Europe from Nigeria and you have no specific order in mind, always travel to London first. Most airlines on the Nigerian routes have connections to London. Therefore, the Lagos to London route  competition among airliners drives the price down ( at least in comparisons to other european destinations).   In other words, you get really cheap ticket prices from lagos to London, in comparison  to  Brastilava or Riga or Even Edinburgh or any other european cities.  From any of the London airports, there are budget airlines ( Ryan air ,Wizz air, Easy jet, Flybe and others) to various european destinations.

travel vacay guide

The key to enjoing good prices on this carriers is by not including adds_on in your flight booking. By adds on, I mean trying to select a really nice window seat at extra cost  or paying addtional charges for your luggage. With regards to that, you need to learn to travel light with a simple back-pack, so you don’t incure luggage charges. In addition,  always put a snack in your back-pack, so you don’t have to buy food on air.   Another way of getting around europe once you arrive London is doing a road trip which takes longer anyway.  The secret to saving by a road trip is going by a night bus, you sleep on your (not so comfy) seat overnight , saving hotel costs for a night.

I once took a bus from London to Edinburgh , we departed  London Victoria at 11pm and arrived Edinburgh at 7 am the next day. I slept all through the trip, thereby, saving precious sterlings I could have spent on hotel if I flew London to Edinburgh which is less than one hour by plane……….To be continued.

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