Male Contraceptive – Are we enforcing Birth Control on the wrong Gender?

Last week, my WhatsApp contact posted a status update that got me thinking all day and I thought I should share my thoughts with you guys…He posted this:

One man can impregnate 9 women everyday for 9 months, those are 2,430 pregnancies. One woman can only get pregnant once within 9 months even if she beds 9 men everyday within 9 months.

And it got me thinking…are we enforcing birth control on the wrong gender?

I’ll like to begin by pointing out the misconception that birth control is for women; the wide assumption that its a womans job to prevent a pregancy or she faces the repercussions. This is predominant in African countries especially where I’m from because of the non existence of child support and the low accessibility of DNA testing. So you see why women here are burdened with the outcome of having sex.

What are we doing about it? You might ask….a lot. The social groups and non governmental organisations are doing a great job at sensitising the public…we are getting there.

So, back to the post that sparked this conversation.

when I had replied his post pointing out the importance of male contraception, he was telling me about how women should take their pills. I told him of the new ways for men asides from getting a vasectomy or wearing a condom to prevent a pregnancy as well. And that’s the main reason I’m writing about this.

I’ll like to spread the awareness of male birth control/contraceptives, and let more women be aware of the fact that we have more options now.

Birth control

Not just women…Men.. everyone needs to be aware that male contraceptive is here to stay and may be the new best way to prevent a pregnancy given the many side effects of female contraceptives (irregular menstrual cycle, bloating, weight change, mood swings, migrane etc) compared to the few and mild side effect for male such as slight headache.

Let me shade some light on the male contraceptive.

Male contraceptive is the male birth control method for preventing a pregnancy, which include the withdrawal method, condoms and vasectomy.

Other forms of male contraception which this post is about are the birth control pills and shots which has recently been gaining popularity after been certified okay with very little side effect as against that for the female.

We just need to spread the word and let it get out there more so we can all start using these methods.

Male birth control shots
Men need to toughen up and take birth control shots or pill

In my opinion men need to toughen up and start taking contraceptives. Women have been on this road for years with the many complications of mood swings and so on. I think it’s about time we switch it up.

Look at the brighter sides guys, you don’t have to deal with mood swings, men don’t have that right? No side effects to this for guys. With vasectomy there was a risk of not having it reversed perfectly but with these new methods of contraceptives guys, you would be fine.

Come on…don’t be a baby, except you are ready for a baby….Do this for the team *wink

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