Is love a mirage?

A wise person once told me a good relationship involves two kind/forgiving hearts coming together as one.

I never really pondered over those words, as I have always been a strong believer/advocate of taking a walk when it isn’t right.

Like.…Thank you, next!

You are not the only booboo in town……Uhm bye, that’s my next stop please!

But you know what, let’s take a moment to think it through.

Is it really feasible?

Just how many ships are we going to sink simply because we do not want to learn how to navigate the storm?

Because we do not want to put in the work.

I mean, think about it. Do we stop loving our siblings or parents when they say something spiteful or hurt us?

Nope, that’s right….we don’t. We know that’s family and so we work at it.

So why then do we choose not to work on our relationships?

Ps: You better be answering all these questions darling

Why do we not give love as much of a chance as we do family?

Why throw in the towel over a little drizzle of rain, when do we realize it’s time to stand in the rain

Is Love a mirage?
Heck no, it’s not chess, it’s not a game. So don’t dabble into it if you are a kid. Its serious stuff that requires patience and love.

This is not me trivializing serious issues/differences in relationship; domestic abuse, rape and the likes, which you should blatantly take a walk from.

I am referring to well-meaning relationships where both lovebirds genuinely love and respect each other without doubt.

To these lovebirds, this is me encouraging y ’all to try at love. Talk….Understand each other, and work out your differences/misunderstanding and arrive at a common ground for a more fruitful and healthy relationship.


2 thoughts on “Is love a mirage?”

  1. This love thing isn’t easy. In am currently paying for what some one else did, and I am just an average good guy

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