Travelling on a budget….your ASF vacay guide (part 2)

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As promised, here is the Part 2 to your ASF Vacay Guide post – Travelling on a budget. Click here if you missed the Part 1 and would like to read. ENJOY!


Hotels will burn through a sizeable chunk of your travel budget. Therefore,  if you have limited funds, don’t go booking 4 or 5 star hotels (the Marriotts and Hiltons of this world ).
There are always tons of affordable options, even in the most expensive cities in the world like; Copenhagen,  London, Reykjavik. Suprisingly, most of this affordable options are even at the city centre (where most of the landmarks and tourist sites are mostly usually located in Europe). This helps you save a few quids you could have used for transporting yourself from some outskirt of town hotel to the city centre.

There are various websites in the Airbnb format where you stay in people’s private homes (you pay of course), meeting very nice hosts. There are cheaper options (than Airbnb) to staying in peoples private homes. These involves using couch surfing and house sitting websites where good familes in Europe let people in  their homes for free. You just need to help out with cleaning , dog sitting , gardening or other enjoyable tasks.

And there comes my personal favorite, which is staying in hostels, they are really affordable. As an introvert, I love hostels  because I meet a lot of nomads from around the globe. I just make sure I buy someone a beer or cuppa though, and probably exchange a book.  Those are the best ways to make friends around Europe. Make sure whatever hostel you’re booking comes with free breakfast.
It’s always helpful towards saving money.


Eating out could consume a huge chunk of your travel money. Therefore, make sure whatever accomodation you are booking comes with a kitchen and a guaranteed permission to use the kitchen.This will enable you cook your meals, when you shop at the local supermarket

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try the local delicacies at least once or twice as part of the travel experience. Just endeavor not to eat at the city centre if you gotta eat in a resturant.  They sell mostly overpriced and terrible food. You are welcome!

Other plans to make
 Travelling on an African passport could be crazy, endless scrutinies at the check in points of whatever means of transportation and at entry borders of various countries. If you’re visiting Europe; a Uk, an Irish  and a Shengen visa should be enough to take you round the continent at least the most fun parts but you still have be careful at land borders if you’re visiting eastern european countries because of the kind of passport you carry, you might be refused entry at prerogative of the border agent.

Having a visa doesn’t necessarily give you permission to enter any country, it’s just a persmisson to approach the border to let an agent determine your fate.

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Visiting tourist sites; Don’t pay for a guided tour it’s expensive and unnecessary . Use google map; get lost if you have to.  It’s one of the reasons (to lose yourself to find yourself) you travelled,  I guess!

Also, most cities have free guided walking tours if you really need someone to show you around,  ask your hosts or your hostel receptionist for details.

Generally,  Avoid tourist traps, don’t go pay 20 Euros to climb the Eiffel (the best view of Paris is the Effiel, and you can’t have that view when you climb 1063ft on the Effiel itself ) or 20 Euros to go into the tower of Pisa in Italy. It could be worthless and disspointing. Take a lot of pictures and make memories.

Bon Voyage !!

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