Celibacy, are you crazy?

Hi ASF lovers, so this is not just me trying to come up with a catchy title tag-line, it’s the exact words a certain human said to me that ended an almost relationship.

Oh…the memories….zzZzzZzzzzZZZzzzzzzzzZzzZzzzZZzzzzzzzzz…..Oh Snap!

Back to reality.

I mean I would love to tell the whole story, but this is not what this post is about…..This is a post to curb the high rate of the “baby mama” syndrome, increased rate of abortion and sexually transmitted infection and generally stop the mindset that you cant have a healthy relationship without having sex.

First off, Celibacy is a voluntary vow of sexual abstinence, and has a wide spread misconception/assumption that it is impossible. And its honestly understandable why we want to believe it, I mean we are constantly being bombarded on digital media and magazines that its okay to have premarital sex. Most box-office movies these days glorify sex, and so you kind of feel alienated if you are not having some.

I was catching up on old posts on one of my favorite blogs when a particular comment caught my attention.

Ladies the truth is that we would always be at the loosing end in a relationship that sex is involved. ITS A FACT. So please avoid pre-marital sex because a guy who is willing to commit will stay irregardless of sex.
The essence of a relationship is marriage.
Am not a saint, i’ve gone through it all to finally realize that a celibate relationship is possible and saves us ladies from the unnecessary heartache and overthinking. Walk out of a sexless relationship and u walk out with a heart intact, walk out of a sex filled relationship and watch your heart shatter.
Ladies a guy who loves you would wait for you.

Also, sex is not only thing a woman can offer in a relationship.
Its easy for you to say did we not both enjoy it but u aren’t the ones taking birth control pills, or morning after pills or the worst case scenario having an abortion or raising a child alone (i mean not every one is Russel Wilson).

Women are very hormonal, and most of these pills they take mess up their metabolism that’s why men sometimes say we act crazy, whereas guys have nothing to worry about.
Don’t get me wrong, all these are the joy of being a woman if only your with someone who appreciates you and a husband is more likely to stick with you when you go through all these. That’s why i said it should be in marriage.
Sex is not just about sticking it in and out, there are repercussions to sex and sadly its the women that most often face it.
some guys don’t intend buying the cow yet they want the milk for free.

But still, these are just my opinion and u re entitled to yours.

Lyn’s comment on an anonymous blog

This comment got me pondering and is likely the reason I had to pen this. So it is indeed very possible to be in a healthy relationship without sex……There are 99 other things you can get your mind occupied with, like travelling, learning new things. No one said you are not going to feel like it, because that’s a lie as long as you are human. But you can choose to control your mind. Mind over matter.

You have the power to control your mind.

Why not think of it this way, STDs, abortion or unplanned parenting are the likely outcome of having unprotected sex, right? guess who has to deal with the repercussions…..YOU!

How about protected sex, one might say. Well, besides the fact that condoms are not a 100% reliable, if you are fine with popping pills and also dont have a problem with dealing with incessant weight gain and mood swing, then by all means knock yourself up…..(ooops, I mean knock yourself out). *maybe this post isn’t for you.

And I get….. its fine, no judgement whatsoever. Sometimes you need to lose yourself to find yourself. Take your time, explore you, fall down, but always remember to find yourself eventually.


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