Black Canvas

Yes I’m just going to act like this isn’t my first post of the year. #hidesface….jumps right into

I was having brunch with a colleague X the other day whose past time hobby is painting. We had planned to tidy up a report we needed to submit the following week and decided to work on it at his place.

X stays in a nice minimalist condo that’s very artsy…..a true reflection of his personality, I mean I had already seen some of his work, which are really good, and I occasionally joked that he makes the kind of art work I couldn’t afford if we weren’t friends.

So on this particular day I was struck by a simple caricature of a humming bird and as I walked closer to get a better view, something else caught my attention.

Another painting…..It was a picture which was fading because a new black oil paint was just about to cover it up, it was captivating and I found myself staring like a little child looking at an ice cream truck. X noticed my gaze and walked close to see what I was looking at. He said it was a painting he had started working on just the week before, and half way through it, realized he wanted to start afresh and paint something different. And instead of getting a new canvas, he decided to paint over it black….A black canvas!

A new black canvas to start afresh,

I was a bit perplexed, like why not just get a new canvas……why waste the paint/material and emotion/effort to paint over and frankly speaking, looking closely/feeling it, the paint surface doesn’t feel the same…..You could tell what this canvas has been through…lol.

But he went on and on about how he hates to discard things, how everything is still useful if you can see past a little glitch……so I took a minute to reflect, and thought maybe, so what if theres a little ruffle around the edges, its re-writing its story, it’s starting all over…..


I feel like that’s kinda what a new year gives us…..hmmmmm…..yea I know we are in March….but focus please…..okay that’s what everyday gives us, an opportunity to rewrite our stories. To learn from the past and forge a new future. To learn and unlearn. To realize when it’s not working, when its time to switch, when its time to move on or hold on. To ultimately be the best version of ourselves without losing who we truly are.

Because our scar is our badge of honour, it’s what makes us the person we are today…its our beauty mark (in Ciara’s voice).

You are amazing…love, ASF.

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