Fruit & Youghurt Parfait

So I decided to make my very first home-made parfait today…..since I figured getting it from outlets was getting rather expensive.
And hey! turns out it’s pretty easy to make….just slice up all the fruit mix you would love with yorghurt….and put In the fridge for a couple minutes….quick recipe below👇

coconut chips
Granola or a some other nuts you prefer…like cashew to sprinkle on top.

And yorghurt mix (cuz I used Greek yorghurt and regular orange yorghurt.
Didn’t have grape…almost opted for pineapple or water melon…however changed my mind last minute because I wasnt sure the taste would come out okay.

So that’s it guys…easy yummy parfait, you should try out too.😋🥣💃

Empty glass

Post update : I’ve made my homemade yummy parfait a couple times since I first tried it, but this one time I decided to document it for you guys. Watch below…cheers.

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