Google Adsense – How I got approved in 3 months

Hi guys, I’ll like to start by stating two things, firstly this is not a click bait, I personally do not like to indulge in it specifically because I like to think the information on a post and the headline or tag should not be in total disparity. Secondly I reckon this post is going to be voluminous so I’ll be posting it in 2 parts.

Hey! Back to my story.

So I was having a conversation with an IT/programmer colleague, when he asked how long it took me to get AdSense approval as he was considering doing so for a couple of websites he managed. And I blurted out 6months or thereabout…

Even at that he still didn’t believe it as he felt it was too early to be approved, in his opinion it should have taken me nothing less than 9 months, which prompted me to go through my mails to verify how long it actually took me to get it. And to my disbelief, it happened in less than 6months.

I got approved in 3 months guys…..Wowza….How come I never knew that!

I guess it wasn’t something I thought about after getting it done, it was probably a box I had to tick as part of being an online writer (I haven’t gotten around to referring to myself as a blogger yet). Which is why I had always felt I got approved by AdSense in about 6 months.

Going through my old mails, i saw the first welcome message I received from google AdSense which was dated July 2019, then I scrolled down to my first mail from my web hosting and this was dated April 2019.

I then began to recall how I went about the whole thing, and remembered I got a rejection mail prior to getting approved, and decided it would be helpful to someone out there to share what I did right, especially since I surfed the net as well for helpful information when I applied the second time.

And so I’ll be sharing with you, our ASF community lovers the entire journey to getting AdSense approved… many times I applied, if I got rejected or not, what I discovered from researching on how to get approved, what I did/setup made to increase chances of getting approved and finally getting approved.

Here’s how it happened…..

Google Adsense

One month into creating this blog, I was enthusiastic to apply to AdSense, it was a major recurring topic on a lot of blogging forums I was active on at the time, and it was something I wanted to try out initially although I didn’t think I would qualify. Mainly because a lot of people on this forum were talking about applying after you must have been blogging for about a year and a half, and also how your analytics come to play, that is how you need a whole lot of daily viewers in order for you to get approved.

But in between these comments, there were few unpopular opinions on how it doesn’t matter how long you have been blogging, and how the number of active readers have no direct impact on getting google approved. These are the people I listened to, since I am an advocate for trying anyways. Like it doesn’t hurt you to try……what if you fall……but hey! What if you fly

.…………To be continued….#wink

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