Staying Safe Amidst COVID19

Hello guys,

This is just a warm reminder for us to stay clean during this global pandemic. The disease which started in Wuhan, China in 2019, has since spread to a lot of other countries.

The virus is kicking so strong with about 339,645 confirmed infections and 14,717 deaths and a lot more people are showing symptoms daily, and the scary part is it can be carried by an individual without showing any symptoms till about 14days later.

Currently it has gotten out of hand guys, and so many countries are on lockdown, which is why we need to keep emphasizing the importance of staying safe for everyone.

Remember, by staying safe you would be saving the lives of other people around you.

Wash your hands!

Sanitize those hand!

Social distancing; Maintain at least 2meters distance with other people!

Self-isolate if you have just returned from a foreign country to ascertain you are safe and turn yourself in to medical professionals for testing!

Self-quarantine lovelies!

Remember to call your local Toll-free numbers to report any case around you.

Despite it all………this is the time for us to keep being humane…..Pray…..…take care of you….… your neighbour can be safe as well.

Cheers to better weeks ahead.


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