The 2weeks wait

For anyone trying to conceive, I’m pretty sure this title hits a nerve. Well for me, it was the longest wait I had to endure being a person who has patience on their top 10 things to continue working on in 2020. #dontjudgeme

For those unfamiliar with the term, the 2 weeks wait is the time period from ovulation up untill your next expected PMS which is typically 14days (2weeks) for the 28days cycle.

After 2weeks post ovulation you either see your period or miss it. Please note that its not always clear cut as every woman’s body is different and constantly changing. I for instance have had a 28 days cycle for as long as I can remember, and now all of a sudden its 30-33days….and I feel like it’s still changing.

So keep in mind that its different for everyone and most women often miss their periods for no reason when they are trying to conceive, even women who typically have regular periods….like me. Also for women who are just recovering from hydrosalpinx, the period duration also changes.

So back to this excruciating waiting period…. It’s called the 2weeks wait because you are expected to take a pregnancy test 2weeks post ovulation which is the time-frame when you would typically miss your period.

Not me though……I was so impatient, I was testing from 5dpo up until the 2weeks elapsed, and it didnt help that my body tried to play tricks on me by delaying my period so I kept testing up until 32dpo untill I decided to stop torturing myself.

Not to mention I was pretty sure I was feeling all the pregnancy symptoms I had googled online….

bloating ✓

sore nipples ✓

tiredness ✓✓

I had a whole bunch of the symptoms guys, cravings, smell sensitivity , you name it. However, that’s also some of the symptoms for PMS, but sadly when you are TTC you just want to believe that its the affirmative.

Anyways, i finally saw my period and let that single tear roll down my cheek. Would try again next cycle but I wont let it go down this way.

And since I do not plan to torture myself again while trying In my next cycle I’ll be listing some things to do to keep me distracted and if you are on the same boat, to keep you distracted as well.

Good vibes only
  • Read; this is one of my favourite things to do. I have a couple of book lined up to read and maybe I’ll do a review when I’m done.
  • Cook; learn new recipes and all. I’ll like to learn/tryout a more healthy diet plan.
  • Learn something new to keep your mind occupied. It could be an online class, a short course, or a new recipe. Theres a whole lot out there to add to your resume, so get at at it ladies…lol

Finally….PRAY…this may sound cliche but it’s the best out of the bunch.

Love, ASF.

PS. Hey! dont forget to wash your hands. Let’s help stop the spread of Covid19

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