How I got ‘AdSense approved’ in 3 months: Part 2

Hi ASF lovers, so here’s the concluding part to how I got AdSense approved in 3months. If you missed the first part, click this to be redirected.

 So I applied twice. The first time, I was just trying it out of curiosity so I didn’t do my research properly, partly because I didn’t feel I would get approved so early. I logged onto AdSense and applied. Few hours later I got a reply.

It was a mail from AdSense….Declined!

However they were nice enough to tell me why I was declined, they stated some fixes I should to make to get approved which was very helpful.

So I set out to work on making the fixes to the blog while also researching to ensure I wasn’t missing anything out. I wasn’t about to set myself up to getting declined twice. My mama always said once bitten, twice shy.

So here’s a summary of the vital things that helped me in getting approved and should also work for you as well.

  1. Content is key – Google likes to know that you have a valuable resource. So you need to create useful contents that would cater to the need of your blog visitors/readers. If you are wondering how to do this, here’s a que, just write from your heart, there would always be someone who would relate to a thought that’s genuine.
  2. Create the Relevant Pages for your blog – This is the about me page, contact me page and most importantly a privacy policy page. I think I had just the privacy policy page missing, so I set out to getting that sorted. It is a very crucial part to getting AdSense approved, So make sure you have all the necessary pages on your website before applying
  3. Plagiarism – So basically do not use copyrighted images, or write-ups. Your blog posts should be original to you and not some rehashed material from the net. If you do that google would find out. So try to put out rich original contents. Also images should not be copyrighted, you can get either make your own photo album by taking pictures or go to royalty free image apps/sites. In my case I had to take down some pictures I really liked, however my writeup was fine thankfully, because I hacked the number 1 point “content is key”. I was writing from my heart. *wink
  4. Write, write, & write – This is a no brainer right? Like why would you be applying to adsense with zero posts on your blog. You need content to apply, although I wasn’t sure of the minimum number of posts I needed to have prior to applying as most of the responses I saw while I was researching said to have about 15-30 post to get approved. However I had about 10 post at that time and strongly felt it wasn’t a determining factor as long as I had some content which I ensured  met the standard requirements; It wasn’t plagiarised, the content was rich, etc and I got approved with it
  5. Ensure you do not have Adsense prohibited content – If you go throught the adsense guide to getting approved on their website, which I suggest you should do first you would know contents to stay away from. For example copyrighted posts, adult content, violence etc do not get approved as part of Adsense policy

So  I made all these changes and applied for the second time. I got a response in less than 2days that read.

Welcome to Adsense!

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  1. Why did it take you this long to complete this post. Been waiting for it for like 2 months. Big ups though

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