Are Tampons bad for you?

Growing up I never really fancied tampons, maybe because it wasn’t very common where I grew up…….I mean, no mum was going to hand you over a tampon when you start seeing your period, or even explain it……..You have to make do with ’em good ‘ol pads. Like in my case I got to hear about tampons from tv, and I recall always wondering how it worked.

Like how do I put it in?

Does that tiny thing keep me from bleeding out?

Boy, did I have many questions back then, oh well…curiosity.

Like I said up there, it wasnt something I fancied, but I was curious about it. So I got one in College to try out. I tried to psyche myself to try it out the first time but I couldn’t get myself to use it, so I threw it away.

I decided, I’ll do it later, like my period isn’t going anywhere….duh

Next month I was determined to pop it in. And boy, was it a struggle to locate my vagina. #hidesface

Public service announcement: Dont judge me

Back to my story, so I finally got it in. It did hurt a little, and I wasnt quite comfortably at first but after a while I was fine. And carried about the rest of the day like nothing happened.

Towards the end of my period I started to get a little dizzy, I figured it was normal, cuz I occasionally feel that way during my flow. But this time was different, I started getting a headache as well and didnt feel great.

So I decided to go to the school clinic, where I was informed about TSS.

Thankfully I wasnt diagnosed with it, but the doctor did say the tampon type I used, I think something about the material had caused a patient who just got treated recently to be diagnosed with TSS. I dont know if it’s common with most Doctors in school environments, but I got a lecture that day on why I should stick to sanitary pads.

I stopped using tampons after that but I didnt give too much thought to it, maybe because nothing happened. As I later went on to use herbal tampons to help treat PID, like I shared in the post on dealing with hydrosalpinx. And I strongly feel it did help. But would I do it again. I don’t think so.

You see, the vagina is self claning, and doesn’t needing any product going up in there. Just use water to clean/rinse and you would be fine.

And the great part….its cheap too. Because I remember a  lot of expensive products girls used way back in the hostel and I kept wondering if I should get them back then. I mean the vaginal wash/douche and the likes. Guess what its toally unnecessary and would end causing more harm than good because it upset the ph balance of th vagina therby causing an infection.

So ladies, your Vagina is not high maintenance….let it breathe. *wink


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